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Simon Pegg, Nick Frost turn ‘Shaun of the Dead’ scene into the coronavirus PSA

These zombie-film actors have some advice for real-world residents: Keep calm and stay at home. Actors Simon Pegg, 50, and Nick Frost, 47, released a public service announcement on YouTube Thursday in the form of a remade scene from their 2004 Edgar Wright-directed apocalypse parody, “Shaun of the Dead.” In “The Plan,” which has already racked up over 1.3 million views as of Friday morning, the pair recreate a famous scene where they discuss murdering Shaun’s stepfather (Bill Nighy), who has become infected. Once Nighy is dead, they plan to save Shaun’s mother — and then enjoy some tea and wait for the pandemic to pass. The PSA version offers similar advice. “Hey, so what’s the plan?” asks Frost in a telephone ca ...