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Eggplant and peach-emoji bath products have arrived

Everyone’s favorite emojis are getting the IRL treatment. Cosmetics company Lush has brought back their popular eggplant bath bombs. The fizzling tub accouterments go hand-in-hand with a similarly cheeky peach bath bomb for a Valentine’s Day extravaganza. The products are spitting images of the emojis used to signify sexy time. Last year, the dirty masses bought 90,000 “Eggplant” and 165,000 “Peachy” bath bombs, according to the company. So they’ve introduced new naughty products to their raunchy repertoire: fruity-scented eggplant and peach soaps, priced at $6.95. But same goes as last year: However tempted you may be by the 5-inch-long bath bombs, do not under any circumstance use them as sex toys. Yes, doctors really ...