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7 times Reese Witherspoon was A+ at playing overachievers

(CNN)In "Little Fire Everywhere," a new limited series on Hulu based on the Celeste Ng book of the same name, Reese Witherspoon plays a Type-A, upper-middle-class mom who lives her life by a structure carefully constructed by her. To the untrained eye, the role might give one a little Déjà Witherspoon. After all, some of her most famous characters, including the recently hailed one she played on HBO's "Big Little Lies," are cut from a similar high-achieving cloth. But to this, I'd argue, not only has she proven herself capable of playing other types of characters, but who are we to criticize an actress for doing what no one else can do quite as well as she? Do we tell Dwayne Johnson not to play golden-hearted tough guys? Do we tell Tom C ...