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Gourmet-level recipes for your coronavirus pantry staples

With sports canceled, panic food shopping has become our new national pastime. In preparing for the coronavirus, people have flooded supermarkets, stocking up on frozen food, pasta and beans to keep them sustained as we wait out this viral storm. But beyond trays of baked ziti and vats of chili, what can you create with your unglamorous stash of nonperishables? We asked chefs to give us their most nourishing, creative dishes using pantry staples and a few fresh ingredients. Creamy chickpea salad Chickpea “Tuna” SaladChop Happy“Chickpeas are the lobster of canned veggies,” Jason Goldstein, recipe developer at ChopHappy.com, tells The Post. “Not only are they hearty, but so many different things can be created just from one c ...