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What’s the safer ride during coronavirus: Cabs or subway?

Nobody wants to ride the subway during coronavirus. But are cabs and ride shares, such as Uber and Lyft, really safer than a subway? Well, it depends, says microbiologist Jason Tetro. The pros to calling or hailing a car? Limited exposure to strangers in person. “If you are in an Uber, the likelihood is that you are surrounded by people you know, or it’s just you and the driver,” Tetro, author of “The Germ Code” (Penguin), tells The Post. “The people you know, hopefully they are not sick. And if they are, you will be less than six feet away from them over the course of your day or night together.” As for the driver, says Tetro, “He is facing away from you. The likelihood of him coughing or sneezing on you is low. Plus ...