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How to declutter your home, according to professional organizers

Everyone resolves to be more organized in the new year, but let’s face it: old habits die hard. For those that are already backsliding in their 2020 quests to be as systematic and minimalist as Marie Kondo, fret not: It’s easy to outsource the clutter of your nightmares. To help conquer common tendencies of excess, we tapped five experts who have seen it all, from jam-packed under-sink storage in bathrooms to the bulging doors of overstuffed walk-in closets. They all share one superpower, and that’s the ability to visualize order and strategize what to keep — all while maximizing even the tiniest of spaces. Spare bedroom Horderly.comSometimes it’s easy to get organized, but harder to keep spaces looking pristine. Horderly ...