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Dustin Diamond says ‘Saved By the Bell’ reboot must have Screech

Dustin Diamond seems to think the upcoming “Saved By the Bell” reboot could come screeching to a halt without him. In a two-minute interview with TMZ, the now-scruffy 43-year-old actor said his geeky character, Samuel “Screech” Powers, is essential to the show, which is headed to NBC Universal’s upcoming Peacock streaming network. “It’s something we put so much time and effort into,” says Diamond, adding that he was in every episode of the original 1989 to 1992 series, plus two spinoffs, “The College Years” and “The New Class,” and the 1988 to 1989 Disney Channel show “Good Morning, Miss Bliss,” which first introduced the characters. “How do you have ‘Saved By the Bell’ without Screech? Right? I mean ...