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Katy Perry thanks first responders after her 'collapse' on 'American Idol'

(CNN)Katy Perry sent a message of gratitude to first responders after a gas leak caused an evacuation of this season's "American Idol" auditions.Perry appeared to collapse during the episode of the singing competition that aired Sunday on ABC.The shows trio of judges - Perry, Bryan and Lionel Richie - were at their table when a smell became noticeable."Do you guys smell gas?" Perry asked. "It's pretty intense."Bryan noted that it smelled like "heavy propane" and it started to affect Perry."I have a slight headache from it," she said. "Oh, it's bad. It's really bad."There was a scramble to evacuate and once outside, Perry said, "I'm not feeling good" as she fell to the ground.Perry was quickly pulled up by Bryan and Richie and she threw her ...