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‘Forensic Files II’ injects true crime into TV reboot craze

“Forensic Files” seems an unlikely suspect for reboot mania, although the popularity of the show, made from 1996 to 2011, has never waned. Still, it came as a shock to see HLN advertise “Forensic Files II,” which premieres Sunday, Feb. 23. The 16 new episodes feature the same whodunit format as the original docuseries, which takes 30 minutes to tell many of the same true-crime stories that “Dateline NBC” and “20/20” routinely pad into an hour or more. New episodes include a look at the murder of 19-year-old Sierra Bouzigard, a couch-surfing Louisiana partyer whose case went cold for nine years. Another tells the story of small-town Texas serial killer Daniel Lee Corwin, who was caught after one survivor — rendered m ...