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A woman's class ring that she lost in Maine in 1973 was just found buried in a forest in Finland

(CNN)If only rings could talk.Nearly 50 years after a woman lost her boyfriend's class ring in a Maine department store, it turned up buried six inches deep in the floor of a forest in Finland."I was shocked. And didn't really believe that it would be his. I needed to see it," Debra McKenna, the owner of the ring told CNN of the surprise discovery. "How could it be so far away?"The man who found it was just as excited.But the story of how the ring journeyed from 1973, Maine, to 2020, Finland, is a mystery.Lost in a department storeThe ring's journey began in Portland, Maine, in 1973.It belonged to her high school boyfriend, Shawn, she told the Bangor Daily News, and he gave it to her before he left Morse High School for college.She lost it ...