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Kristyna Ng, who says ‘Jeopardy!’ helped her learn English, gets on show

A woman who learned English by watching “Jeopardy!” after moving to Canada from China when she was 8 years old has fulfilled her dream by becoming a contestant on the game show and meeting Alex Trebek. “Jeopardy! has been the soundtrack of my life,” Kristyna Ng, a corporate strategist with the City of Calgary, told the BBC after coming in second place in Tuesday’s episode. “I feel like I won the lottery just by being on the show.” Ng took home a $2,000 consolation prize after losing to Danyelle Long-Hyland by only $2,221. The game was even closer when she trailed the front-runner by just $600 before going into the Final Jeopardy, where contestants place bets on whether they get the right answer. The clue: After statesma ...