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Gary Sanchez reignites Astros’ buzzer controversy with Jose Altuve ‘pants’ dig

TAMPA — It was Gary Sanchez’s turn to bash the Astros on Wednesday morning, and the Yankees’ catcher made an entertainingly skeevy promise that his teammates would love to put to the test. “I can tell you that if I hit a homer and I get my team to the World Series, they can rip off my pants. Everything. They can rip everything off,” a smiling Sanchez said, through an interpreter, at George M. Steinbrenner Field. “If I get my team to the World Series, hitting a walk-off homer like that, they can rip anything off.” Sanchez naturally was referring to the much-discussed and -scrutinized video of Jose Altuve, after rounding the bases in the wake of his walk-off homer against Aroldis Chapman to catapult the Astros over the Ya ...