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Grubhub threatens ChowNow over ‘sky-high’ fee accusations

Knives are out at Grubhub after a competitor accused it of bleeding its restaurant partners dry with “sky-high” fees, The Post has learned. The Chicago-based food-delivery giant has sent a cease-and-desist order to rival ChowNow for claiming Grubhub charges commissions of as much as 40 percent with an average “take rate” of 35 percent, according to a copy of the Jan. 30 letter obtained by The Post. The figures are “highly overstated, misleading, and materially false,” said the letter by Grubhub’s legal counsel, who demanded ChowNow stop “disseminating false information about Grubhub’s business” in its marketing materials or face legal action. But ChowNow, which provides online food ordering software for restaurant ...