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A pregnant woman cared for her sick parents. Her father died, and coronavirus came for her too

(CNN)Every six hours, Monica V. Garcia trekked from floor to floor of her family's house to take ice packs and Tylenol to her fever-ridden parents.The two were quarantining in separate rooms in their Elizabeth, New Jersey, home to avoid spreading Covid-19, which they had contracted in early April. Garcia, who is six months pregnant, gave everything she had to care for them. But it came at a cost.Like many who come in contact with the virus, she caught it too, according to Garcia's medical records, provided to CNN.Garcia and her family are among the thousands of Latinos across the US who have been disproportionately affected by the virus. Latinos make up 18% of the population but about 29% of Covid-19 deaths so far, according to the US Cen ...