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Hipsters are coughing up $300 for bespoke coronavirus face masks

Clothes used to make the man. These days, it’s a mask. Brooklyn-based tailor Yosel Tiefenbrun is accustomed to whipping up $8,000 bespoke men’s suits that can require some 80 hours of work to fashion. But these days, the Crown Heights-based sewing superstar is switching gears: cranking out bespoke masks that sell for up to $300 apiece. “We have to keep safe, but if you’re going to wear [a mask], you might as well wear it in style,” Tiefenbrun, 30, tells The Post. “You want to look good in it.” Tiefenbrun, a bespectacled Orthodox Jew with a haute hipster edge, is joining the ranks of upscale designers cashing in on the new need for protective gear as their most glitzy endeavors take a back seat due to the coronavirus. Wh ...