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Bionic eye with sharper vision than real eye could be ready in just five years, experts say

A bionic eye could give sight to millions in just five years, experts say. The world’s first 3D artificial eyeball is capable of sharper vision than a real human eye. Images are converted through tiny sensors that mirror the light-detecting photoreceptor cells. The sensors are packed into a membrane of aluminium and tungsten shaped into a half sphere, mimicking a retina. The electrochemical eye, name EC-EYE, resembles sinister super computer HAL in 1968 sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Prof Zhiyong Fan, of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said animal and clinical trials were now planned. He said: “Our ‘biomimetic’ eye has a size comparable to a human eye – a bit more than two cm in diameter. “It can be us ...