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Gleyber Torres may be winner of hypothetical Yankees dilemma

Part 24 in a series analyzing the New York Yankees Pretend you are Brian Cashman, and Hal Steinbrenner is on the phone. The owner tells you he wants to offer Gary Sanchez or Aaron Judge a multi-year deal. However, he only wants to make the offer to one of them. Which one do you suggest to Steinbrenner? A catcher with raw power whose average since the beginning of 2018 has declined, is considered below-average defensively and prone to lower-body injuries? Or a right fielder with even bigger right-handed power who has missed significant time during the past two years due to injuries? Sanchez or Judge? “Neither,’’ you tell Steinbrenner. “Why not?’’ he asks. “I would rather do that with Gleyber Torres,’’ is your reply. ...