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How an amateur footballer became one of Spain's most famous actors

(CNN)Hugo Beltran has been on screen for less than two minutes but already he's down to only some skimpy underwear, his chiseled abs rippling as he gyrates on stage for scores of delighted women.The intense, smoldering stripper is the lead male character of hit Spanish Netflix series 'Toy Boy' and is played by Jesus Mosquera, a man who less than two years ago had no acting experience and was playing lower league football in Spain.He jokes that had the people behind the show told him at his first audition -- an audition he didn't even want to turn up to -- that he was going to be a stripper, he would have "run away and not accepted" the role.Since being plucked from total obscurity in late 2018 and catapulted into the limelight, Mosquera ha ...