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This NJ girl defends herself against bullies with a whistle

When Giada Oates prepares to leave for school each morning, the 10-year-old packs her book bag with the essentials: homework, phone, wallet — and a whistle. The Hackensack, NJ, girl keeps one at hand during the school day to ward off bullies. “It gives me confidence,” Giada, who is in the fifth grade at Hackensack Middle School, told The Post. “I know that if I blow it, someone will come help me.” She started wearing the whistle after an incident last month in which, ­Giada said, she was grabbed from behind by a seventh-grade boy who placed her in a chokehold and whispered that she was going to “die a silent death.” “If he’d held me for a minute longer, I would have fainted to the floor,” Giada said. “I was try ...