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Pod Squad: 5 podcasts to listen to while coronavirus outbreak has you home

During times of crisis, Americans used to gather and tune in to the radio. Today, it’s more likely we’ll scatter and listen to separate podcasts; there are just so many amazing ones out there. According to PodcastHosting.org‘s stats, as of March there are over 900,000, with over 28 million episodes — so how to choose? In this column, we take a look at some of the most worth-your-time pods from the ever-expanding landscape. Dovetailing with the runaway success of Netflix’s wild true-crime series “Tiger King” is “Cat People,” a new Longreads four-part series from journalist co-hosts Rachel Nuwer and Peter Frick-Wright, the former of whom is a Brooklyn-based wildlife expert. “I’ve written a ton about poaching, but ...