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1,000 hours of TV to watch while social distancing

(CNN)The CNN Entertainment team is here to help those staying "safer at home" during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of our top time-consuming TV binges: "ER"15 seasons (331 episodes) = 242.73 hours of television (14,564 minutes) I recently did this binge. It's bold. It's brave. It's hypochondria-inducing. Above everything, though, revisiting this hospital drama packed with talent will captivate you whether it's your first time watching or fifth. The characters are diverse, the storylines were groundbreaking for the time and the writing is timeless. -- Sandra Gonzalez"Mad Men"7 seasons (92 episodes) = 75.8 hours of television (4,548 minutes)Like its central character, advertising executive Don Draper (Jon Hamm), "Mad Men" is moody ...