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Personal relationships with co-workers have benefits – and pitfalls

Ask pastry chef Ron Paprocki if he has a problem with his boss, and he’ll say yes, without batting an eye. This, even though the man who determines the size of his paycheck, and can fire him at any time, is sitting right next to him. “I don’t like the way Bret drives,” says Paprocki. Bret is Bret Csencsitz. He runs the iconic Gotham Bar and Grill in the West Village, which serves as many as 400 meals each day. “Ron is annoying. He tries to drive from the passenger’s seat,” says Csencsitz, as both men laugh. They are close friends. Sure, these restaurateurs know that conventional wisdom warns against mixing business with pleasure, but they have thrown caution to the wind. Their families share Thanksgiving and the Feast o ...