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This ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant is on a historic hot streak

He’s on a roll. The “Jeopardy!” contestant who broke the record for the highest ever single-day winnings on Tuesday is now also second on the list thanks to another dominating performance Friday. Las Vegas resident James Hozhauer, 34, raked in another $89,158 on Friday, bringing his seven-day total to a whopping $414,035. On Tuesday, the professional sports gambler hit big, winning $110,914 – which set a new record for highest earnings in a single game. Hozhauer, a native of a Chicago suburb, correctly answered Friday’s Final Jeopardy question, in which movie-turned TV show “Fahrenheit 451” was the correct answer. Along with the correct answer, the brainiac penned in a shout-out to his niece, saying “Happy Bday Scarle ...