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Meet the $30K ‘Lamborghini’ of massage chairs

LAS VEGAS — This year at CES, the Lamborghini of massage chairs is actually made by Lamborghini. The Italian luxury sports car maker has partnered with Los Angeles-based Bodyfriend to create the mother of all massage chairs, the LBF-750. This beast is modeled after the automaker’s famous Aventador Roadster and has an unmistakable Lambo look to it, complete with an identical paint job and all the supercar’s familiar design aesthetics. With an eye-watering $30,000 price tag, the LBF-750 oozes luxury. Turning it on, you are greeted with the roar of an engine. Every aspect of your massage experience can be customized, down to the LED lighting, the surround-sound speakers and a “brain massaging” mode, which the carmaker claims u ...