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Nipsey Hussle's funeral service draws mourners from across the country

(CNN)During Nipsey's Hussle's Los Angeles funeral service Thursday, Snoop Dogg remembered the first time Nipsey "pushed up on me with a tape," trying to get the world-famous Long Beach rapper to listen to his music. Nipsey told him, "Just give it a listen," which struck Snoop as odd. Most rappers trying to catch Snoop's ear talk about making money, but Nipsey didn't want a handout. He was ready to earn everything he got, Snoop said. Nipsey was more a movement than a musicianSnoop didn't listen to Nipsey's tape that first time, but the second time he got one of Nip's CDs, he used it to roll a blunt in the back of a car. He put in the CD, he said, and his first impression was, "Damn, cuz hard."Snoop said the two shared a kinship. They repped ...