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Magic Johnson won’t stop defending massive D’Angelo Russell miscue

Magic Johnson’s abrupt Lakers exit included laughter and tears. And of course a subtle shot at the former No. 2 pick he bailed on. “[We] had to give up a really talented young player in D’Angelo Russell. And congratulations to him making the [All-Star team],” Johnson told reporters Tuesday night. “Also, we saw D’Angelo mature. He wasn’t mature like he is now. He always had the talent to score, but he was immature. Now he’s grown up and that’s why he’s an All-Star.” Trading Russell to the Nets in the summer of 2017 — as part of an effort to shed Timofey Mozgov’s bloated salary for a Paul George run that failed miserably — will  rank near the top of Johnson’s biggest blunders at the helm of Lakers Land. T ...