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Meet the trainer transforming pro golfers from tubby to tight

For generations, professional golfers have looked about as fit as your local barfly. The legendary John Daly, for instance, is as known for his potbelly and penchant for Marlboro reds as he is for his swing. “Without disrespecting anybody, it was about guys with the big 44-inch bellies and they had concave chests with no muscle,” Joey Diovisalvi, a Jupiter, Fla.-based strength and conditioning coach who works with top golfers Dustin Johnson, 34, and Brooks Koepka, 28, tells The Post. “In the past, the guys smoked cigars, they drank in the parking lot and smoked cigarettes throughout the round. They literally never warmed up,” says Diovisalvi, who goes by “Joey D.” “Athleticism is not something that played into this trad ...