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Jennifer Hart drove her six children to their deaths as her wife looked up how much they would suffer, a jury says

(CNN)As a drunk Jennifer Hart drove her six adopted children in their family SUV, her wife, Sarah, sat in the passenger seat looking up different ways to end a life. The SUV carrying the Hart family would drive off a 100-foot Pacific coast cliff on that day in March last year -- a tragedy police say took all eight lives and sparked questions about abuse and homicide. As the car was in motion, Sarah was busy with the searches:"How easily can I overdose on over the counter medications?""Can 500mg of Benadryl kill a 125lb woman?""How long does it take to die from hypothermia while drowning in a car?"One of her last searches was for a no-kill dog shelter.They intended to kill their 6 children, jury findsThe horrifying details emerged Thursday ...