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NBA's Enes Kanter: 'I receive hundreds of death threats almost every day'

(CNN)NBA star Enes Kanter has said he has received "hundreds and hundreds of death threats" almost every day since he announced on Friday that he would not travel to London with the New York Knicks for fear of assassination. A critic of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of his native Turkey, Kanter told CNN's Hala Gorani that the only place in the world he felt safe was the US."First, I would love to go to London," the New York Knicks center said Wednesday. "It's just very sad because I'm scared of my life because Erdogan's operation in [a] foreign country. The operations are very famous [for] hunting down people who are speaking out against the government."There are around over 100 people -- journalists, community leaders and teachers -- th ...