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How rom-coms ruined love and sex for all of us

Growing up, Blythe Roberson studiously watched and learned from iconic romantic comedies — the kinds where destined protagonists joyfully fall for each other, despite all odds. “I was raised by a mom who owned, like, four total VHS tapes, three of which were ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail,’ ” she writes in her new book “How To Date Men When You Hate Men” (Flatiron Books). “It’s not exaggerating to say I have seen those movies a combined total of 100 times . . . [They’re] part of who I am.” But when the comedian entered the dating world, she realized her beloved rom-coms had “kind of warped my view of love,” the 28-year-old tells The Post. Take two of her f ...