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Tracy Morgan: ‘Last OG’ is mashup of ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Roots,’ ‘Godfather’

Tracy Morgan likens Season 2 of “The Last OG” to the epic “Godfather” movie saga — with a dash of “Star Wars” and the miniseries “Roots” added to the TBS series’ comic premise. “On the ‘Godfather’ [movies] you were on the inside, seeing Clemenza wiping tomato sauce out of the pan,” he says. “ ‘The Godfather’ is a movie about a family who happens to be in the mob. ‘Roots’ wasn’t just about slavery. ‘Roots’ was about family. You got to know Kizzy and Kunta Kinte and got to know their struggles. “And that’s basically what ‘The Last OG’ is,” he says. “But it’s also based on ‘Star Wars’ — where Obi Wan Kenobi was a dope OG.” Season 2 of “The Last OG” (“OG” means “ ...