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Strip club scammer claims Jennifer Lopez stole her life story for ‘Hustlers’

Six years ago, Samantha Barbash preyed on the wolves of Wall Street — now she wants to sink her teeth into J.Lo. The then-39-year-old brunette was the brains behind a ring of savvy strip-club workers who bilked wealthy executives out of big bucks with a scam they had down to a steamy science. Barbash in an undated photo.FacebookThey took married guys to jiggle joints, drugged them and racked up tens of thousands of dollars on the guys’ credit cards. The escapades have inspired a movie that is being filmed in the Big Apple — with Jennifer Lopez playing the role of a curvy con artist inspired by Barbash. The flick, “Hustlers,” centers on a group of exotic dancers who band together to seek revenge on their rich and jerky clien ...