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Ellen DeGeneres joins celebrities slamming Brunei’s brutal anti-gay stoning law

Ellen DeGeneres is the latest celebrity to speak out against Brunei’s barbaric anti-gay stoning law, which goes into effect on Wednesday. The beloved talk show host and LGBT icon called on her fans to boycott nine luxury hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei, including the Beverly Hills Hotel and The Bel Air in Los Angeles. “Tomorrow, the country of #Brunei will start stoning gay people to death. We need to do something now,” DeGeneres tweeted on Tuesday. “Please boycott these hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei.” “Raise your voices now. Spread the word. Rise up.” The call to action echoes that of pop legend Elton John and Oscar-winner George Clooney, who last week wrote in Deadline: “Are we really going to help fund ...