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This burger is a cheesy new way to smear beauty on your face

It could be time to beef up your beauty routine. Glamlite Cosmetics, the vegan makeup company that delivered the $40 Pizza Palette and Pizza Lashes, just introduced another mouthwatering treat for your face: a cheeseburger compact. The Burger Eye Shadow Palette is packed with 16 “toppings,” aka lid shades. The menu of colors includes ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, avocado, bacon and a variety of cheeses (which can double up as a bronzers and highlighters). Lovin’ it? Glamlite’s latest collection inspired by “America’s favorite fast foods” is set to be released this spring. There’s more juicy news: The Latina-owned brand — seen on the faces of Cardi B and Jeffree Star — is also cooking up a “Viva Mex ...