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How schools’ Meatless Monday meals actually measure up

Just how healthy is that vegetarian cafeteria meal, exactly? The Post asked Manhattan nutritionist Lorraine Kearney to review recipes that the Meatless Monday team concocted for public schools — and it’s not all as wholesome as you’d hope. Baked ziti Calories: 448Fat: 17 grams (6 grams saturated)Kearney says: “Marinara sauce is not nutritious enough” to count as a vegetable. Plus, “a lot of [marinara sauces] contain added sodium and sugar.” Asian noodles with sunflower-seed butter and broccoli Calories: 482Fat: 23 grams (2 grams saturated)Kearney says: “I’m happy to see more veggies.” But she’s not a huge fan of the highly processed canola oil it’s made with — olive would have been better. And though SunButt ...