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Did Jets overpay for C.J. Mosley, Anthony Barr?

Here are some thoughts on the Jets’ start to free agency, as Mike Maccagnan has struck quickly and thrown some money around. 1. The Jets agreed to a whopping five-year, $85 million deal with linebacker C.J. Mosley, formerly of the Ravens, in the early hours of Tuesday morning. There is no doubt that Mosley is a good player (four Pro Bowls) and instantly makes the Jets better. However, that is a lot of money to give to an inside linebacker. I’d like to see the full details of the contract, but any way you slice it, that is a huge deal. The previous high for an inside linebacker was a $12.3 million average per year that Luke Kuechly got from the Panthers. Mosley’s $17 million per year blows that out of the water. Free agents get ...