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My Raymour & Flanigan recliner led to a bedbug infestation

Dear John: I have an issue with Raymour & Flanigan. I purchased a recliner on March 12 of last year, and soon after, I had a problem with bedbugs. I had to employ an exterminator, who determined that the source of the bugs was the recliner. When I contacted Raymour & Flanigan with the exterminator’s report, it refused to accept responsibility. I spoke with a rep at the main office, and after looking into the situation, he found that Raymour & Flanigan would not be responsible, and expected full payment for the recliner. After making the initial payment, I said I would not make any more payments, as it cost me enough just for the exterminator. I really should be suing Raymour, but I’m an 89-year-old Korean War vet and don’t have ...