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‘Bad Moms’ let loose in raunchy Facebook groups

There’s no filter on this social media platform. Women are spilling all in new “Bad Moms” Facebook groups where the conversations sound more like locker-room talk than school drop-off chatter. “My husband and I just played life without children this morning . . . it was so quiet and full of sex,” a member of “Bad Moms of Long Island” posted on the group’s Facebook page, which has racked up 8,000-plus members since August. It’s one of at least five local groups to form in the last year, inspired by the 2016 Mila Kunis comedy “Bad Moms,” in which a group of fed-up mothers form a hard-partying clique to escape side-eye from pretentious, type-A stroller-pushers. In “Bad Moms (uncensored),” a New Jersey woman ...