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Why filler fanatics are suddenly scrambling to deflate their faces

When Gabrielle Woodworth, a makeup artist, decided her own face needed enhancing, she took advantage of her general practitioner’s good deal on injectables to plump out her lines and wrinkles. “She was cheap, and I wanted those lines erased, so I said, ‘Fill ’er up!’ ’’ the 56-year-old Stony Brook, NY, resident tells The Post. But while Woodworth had been getting fillers for the prior six years, this time, the results were awful: “My face looked swollen and lumpy and my lips were so humongous that my friends said I looked like Daffy Duck!” Horrified, she took a client’s advice and reached out to Manhattan dermatologist Marina Peredo to banish the bloat. “I sent pictures to her office and they squeezed me in fo ...