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Music legends size up punk’s roots and ever-rocking influence

If you want to visit CBGB, the grimy birthplace of New York’s punk scene, bring a credit card. The Bowery haunt that incubated Patti Smith and Talking Heads has been cleaned up and transformed into a ritzy John Varvatos boutique where leather jackets run upwards of $1,000. Nevertheless, Varvatos is doing his best to keep alive the spirit of three-chords-and-a-big-attitude. His store maintains as much of the CBGB vibe as possible — Varvatos left graffiti-splashed walls unaltered — and he executive produced “Punk,” a four part Epix documentary (Monday at 10 p.m). “I wanted to tell the story [of punk] across multiple generations in a way that had never been done,” he tells The Post. For Varvatos, 63, “Punk” is a passi ...