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Romantic Japanese opus ‘Genji’ has inspired for 1,000 years

A 17th-century painting shows Murasaki Shikibu writing “The Tale of Genji.”Courtesy Ishiyamadera Ca.The “Game of Thrones” fan base is nothing compared to the one for “The Tale of Genji.” That 1,300-page romantic epic has captivated readers for 1,000 years, inspiring a whole subgenre of art. The Met’s new exhibition, “ ‘The Tale of Genji’: A Japanese Classic Illuminated,” gathers 120 works — everything from fashion and furniture to card games and erotica — that pay homage to Murasaki Shikibu’s 11th-century masterpiece. “Only the Bible can rival it, in terms of inspiring all these pictorial motifs in so many different formats,” curator Melissa McCormick tells The Post. The novel centers around Genji, a ...