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Golden Globes 2019: Recapping the drunk uncle of awards shows

Well, that’s three hours of my life I’ll never get back. But those were the Golden Globes, the grit-your-teeth drunk uncle of awards shows. So what did I expect? This particular Hollywood-pats-itself-on-the-back exercise never takes itself too seriously. Or seems to put much effort into producing a lively, entertaining telecast. And Sunday night was no exception. Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, hosting the shindig (on NBC) because … well, I really don’t know why … were pleasant enough. But they stumbled out of the gate vis a vis their opening spoof-y monologue, which was weakly written and tedious — but, thank goodness, was mostly bereft of any gas-baggy political overtones, save for Oh’s over-the-top “is she joking or se ...