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Israel election campaign: Polls, rumors and upheaval

Jerusalem (CNN)The scene that played out in the cramped meeting room at the Israeli parliament building on Tuesday could have been scripted by Hollywood. Think Robert De Niro in "The Untouchables," baseball bat in hand, speechifying about teamwork, before brutally executing an "unloyal" deputy with a heavy blow to the head. Avi Gabbay, the head of the Labor Party, was the one wielding the weapon at that meeting in Jerusalem. Sitting directly to his left, his target, Tzipi Livni, head of Hatnua, and Gabbay's factional partner in the Zionist Union, unaware of what was to come."A successful partnership needs friendship, agreements need to be stood by, there needs to be loyalty to the cause," Gabbay began by telling faction lawmakers. "Unfortun ...