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ISIS is dying ... but believers in its ideology live on

Eastern Syria (CNN)She was covered from head to toe in black. Identifying herself only as Um Bassam, the mother of Bassam, she told me she was 25 years old, the mother of four children, a widow, and from the city of Aleppo. All around her were clusters of other women with similar stories, also clad in black, faces concealed, with their children huddled beside them. It had rained just a few hours before. Babies were crying. Used diapers, discarded clothing, bags, empty tins of beans and hummus, and human feces littered the ground. Even with this misery as a backdrop, Um Bassam didn't hesitate to declare her unwavering devotion to the so-called Islamic State, now in its dying days.Speaking the Arabic of someone who is educated, she explain ...