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Comedian Mike Birbiglia says Brooklyn is the Boise of NYC

“I graduated from Georgetown in 2000 and started off sleeping on my sister Gina’s couch in Carroll Gardens,” says comedian Mike Birbiglia. “And 18 years later, I live in Carroll Gardens again!” These days, the 40-year-old Massachusetts native lives with his wife, poet Jen Stein, and their 3 ¹/₂-year-old daughter, Oona, whose arrival inspired Birbiglia’s Broadway show, “The New One,” running through Jan. 20. “Brooklyn really is just a quiet little town adjoining this massive city,” Birbiglia tells BARBARA HOFFMAN. “It’s kind of like if Boise were attached to New York City.” Here’s where you might find him on the weekends. My wife and I essentially never stop working. We’ll wake up and there are a han ...