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IHOP debuting ‘Pancizzas’ in honor of National Pizza Day

Perhaps because they got away with convincing us they were turning into a burger chain, IHOP will now try to sell pizza. Well, sort of. Beginning later this week, IHOP is planning to debut a line of “Pancizzas” in honor of National Pizza Day on Feb. 9. But what exactly is a “Pancizza” (pronounced Pan-keet-za)? Well, according to a press release, the chain’s newest foodstuff is “a combination of America’s two most favorite round foods — pancakes and pizza — in one delicious dish.” More specifically, Pancizzas are 7-inch “individual-sized” pancakes available in three flavors — Original Buttermilk, Bacon and Cheddar, and Cupcake — and served in a pizza box with various syrups on the side. The chain has also a ...