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The new year’s first horrible fashion trend is human-size backpacks

2018 gave us some very bizarre fashion trends – and it looks like 2019 is set to be no different. It seems the latest fashion fad is giant, human-size backpacks. The oversized bags — made by CWF — are getting a lot of hype in Japan and are on sale at Japanese retailer, Plywood. According to the brand, the rucksacks — named “Backpacker’s Closet” — are perfect for camping and ideal for the storage of clothes. They even suggest using the backpacks as an alternative closet. The backpacks are available in three different colors: beige, olive and black. Naturally, they’re more expensive than standard rucksacks and are priced at around $240 – before shipping from Japan. And while some people might end up using the backp ...