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Are your employers paying you the new minimum wage?

Dear John: I have a situation at work at Intermediate School 51 in Staten Island that I think you can help me with. New school aides in their first year are being paid $13.70 an hour. When they asked their human resources rep if under the new law they would be paid $15 an hour starting Jan. 1, they were told no. That sounded wrong to me. J.N. Dear J.N.: Your instincts are correct. According to the New York State Labor Department, they should be getting $15 an hour. My source at the Labor Department says non-teaching workers at your school “should be paid the $15 an hour.” The state Labor Department details minimum wage requirements on the FAQs area of its Web site, www.labor.ny.gov. Minimum wage workers can call 888-4-NYSDOL to ...