George Fernandes: The man who threw out Coca-Cola and IBM from India

Veteran socialist politician George Fernandes, who served as India's defence minister during the Kargil conflict with Pakistan, has died, aged 88.He was suffering from Alzheimer's and had been out of the limelight for many years. He had recently contracted swine flu and died on Tuesday, his long-time associate Jaya Jaitly said.A charismatic trade union leader, Mr Fernandes will be best remembered for resisting emergency rule in the mid-1970s when then prime minister Indira Gandhi suspended civil liberties.He will also be known as the man who threw out Coca-Cola and IBM from India when he was the industry minister in the late 1970s.Known to be honest and forthright, Mr Fernandes was often described as a rebel who fought for the righ ...
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