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Tiger Woods: A tumultuous 10 years from scandal to redemption

(CNN)The reports trickled in, vague and confused at first. There had been some sort of car crash. Tiger Woods was involved. He might be injured.Fears at first for the health of one of sport's biggest stars, maybe the biggest. Then news of a collision with a fire hydrant and a tree yards from Woods' Florida home, a golf club, a smashed car window, rumors of a row with wife Elin. The trickle became a torrent, as intrigue, gossip and speculation spread like wildfire around the world.That infamous night 10 years ago this week changed everything. For golf, for sport, for Woods' legend and most of all for Woods' family.He was, after all, the man who had taken golf into a new realm. His skill, his power, his dedication to fitness, his work ethic ...